Ride Helix Wide Snowboard 2018


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RIDE HELIX WIDE SNOWBOARD – 2018 The Ride Helix wide has been replicated with a few mutations from last year’s model to give you the maximum in freestyle performance. The Helix features RIDE’s Twin Camber shape and a slightly softer flex than last year’s model, but the asymmetric sidecut is what truly sets the Helix apart. The radius of the sidecut on your heelside edge is deeper than the radius on your toeside edge, giving you more leverage over your heelside turns. This anatomically correct board shape allows you to power through turns easier on your heelside edge. The Helix is a go anywhere, do anything freestyle deck and a favorite of team rider, cloning test subject and slopestyle contest dominator Yuki Kadono. Wider waist width to aid those with bigger feet. KEY FEATURES * Asymmetrical Twin Camber * Aggressive Response * Roll in Slimewalls * Carbon Slimerods * Double Impact Plates * Carbon Array 3 Laminates * Performance Core * Hybrid Glass * Sintered Base * 2 x 4 Inserts * Wide Waist Width