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Remembering the late Mike Cinqmars – FMX and Freeride Legend

Hailing back to the early days of Freestyle Motocross – Mike Cinqmars was one of the most innovative and awe inspiring riders of the time and a true pioneer of the sport.

An idol to millions of fans across the world, and a regular on the Crusty Demons of Dirt and Terrafirma films (among many others) he always stood out for stepping up and going huge whilst having a style unique to himself!

We were lucky enough to find a classic motocross film documenting some of his riding and sadly, the crash that ultimately ended his career.

A huge loss for the sport and on a personal level for all those fans that had the pleasure of meeting him or watching him ride.

R.I.P Mike – Thank you for inspiring so many people.

As the case with so many sports, the potential for injury (or worse) in FMX is huge. Road to Recovery is a charity dedicated to helping athletes and families affected by the repercussions of such accidents – You can check out their website and get involved at 

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