100% Strata Youth Goggles – Mirror Cycle Goggles

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Lens The Strata’s lens is made from lexan polycarbonate which comes with a special anti-fog coating. This makes the lens durable and protective against fogging that can be caused by moist conditions or overheating due to extreme levels of activity. The lens is held in place by nine different connection points which is the most across the industry. This ensures a safer hold than ever before protecting against high impact. The mirrored element of the lens helps protect your vision from glares. Frame The frame for the Strata Youth Goggles is made from urethane which is characterised by its huge level of flexibility and yet ultimate strength and durability. This strap for the goggles is fully adjustable so that it can be put to a secure fit that will ensure that the goggles stay in place while you’re at your most active.